“Kathryn Long delivers a can’t-put-down, thoroughly enjoyable read from the first captivating sentence to the last heart-pounding chapter.” ~ Jane Ann Turzillo, Agatha nominee for Wicked Women of Ohio 

 "With excellent character development, an intriguing mystery, and plenty of suspense, this is one you won’t be able to put down." ~ Taylor Jones

 "Combining superb character development, a complex and intriguing mystery, a hint of romance, a little paranormal, and plenty of nail-biting suspense, Buried in Sin is a page turner you’ll enjoy reading more than once."  ~  Regan Murphy

"This story, Buried in Sin, was very close to being the perfect read. I loved that it had both a creative and intricate plot. Pacing was very deliberate. Tiny baby steps to advance it in some parts, and at other times, events occur at breakneck speed, just overwhelming you with so many fast paced scenes that you cannot even catch your breath. Characters were complex and intriguing. They weren’t cookie cutter versions, they showed warts and all. I’m an avid reader of mystery genre and I must admit that I was surprised along the way. This book was a real pleasure to read and well worth your precious free time to read!! "  ~ Novel News Network

The Grave Maker is out for revenge  as a mystery from the past collides with one in the present.

The Grave Maker is out for revenge as a mystery from the past collides with one in the present.



Reviewed by Cherie Jung  Over My Dead Body -- a murder magazine

(March, 2015)

3:04 a.m.

That’s when I finished reading A DEADLY DEED GROWS. (I had not intended to stay up all night reading this book. I had intended to read a few pages before going to sleep and continue reading it in a day or two; especially because it contains two of my least favorite things when it comes to mysteries – Florida settings and lawyer characters.)

Such were my intentions. However, only minutes into reading the book, the author had my full attention and kept it until the very last page.

Mira Stanley travels to Cape San Blas, Florida in an attempt to stop an unscrupulous land developer from swindling her bosses’ eccentric aunt, Claire, out of her home. If she succeeds, Mira hopes to get a promotion out of the assignment. Time is quickly running out. The developer plans to begin bulldozing the property in just a few days. Mira’s presence in town and her snooping into the affairs of the developer put her on a collision course with more than one person. Who can she trust?

In A DEADLY DEED GROWS the author strikes just the right balance between suspense, action, and romance (or the possibility of romance). Not an easy task when blending those three elements. Quite often an author veers one way or the other too far and misses the mark.  A DEADLY DEED GROWS is an exciting and satisfying read with a cast of memorable characters, an interesting setting, plenty of twists and turns, and all of the loose ends tied up as they should be.

While reading A DEADLY DEED GROWS, I was reminded of the enjoyment I experienced reading Mary Stewart’s novel THE MOONSPINNERS when I first began reading mysteries and romantic suspense. (Yes, I’m that old!) I’m not saying Ms. Long writes like Mary Stewart just that she has that same writing ability to spin an interesting tale while keeping the reader turning pages in an adrenaline rush.




Socrates Book Reviews

This is the first book in a brand new cozy mystery series and it's off to a great start! It’s filled with some of the most eccentric characters I’ve seen in awhile. Most of them are from Lilly’s very own family. LOL

It all starts when her Aunt Fran disappears and her family panics. Lilly decides to lend a helping hand in locating her aunt. She gets hit with a few obstacles along the way in her search, including her cop boyfriend who wants her to stay out of it, a crazy neighbor who thinks Lilly’s dog is wild game, her interfering adoptive mother, and her Aunt Fran’s husband’s odd behavior. It all equals one madcap adventure.

The characters were all very vivid and entertaining. I adored Lilly’s friendship with her cousin Mona and their camaraderie in locating their aunt. I did not want to put this book down until I knew what the outcome would be. It’s a bit of a cross between chick lit and cozy mystery. Reading this book gave me several hours of fun. If the rest of the series is this good, Kathryn Long has a winner on her hands.


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